Adam Szabo

Born in Hungary 1985, Adam Szabo was introduced to music early on in primary school. It wasn't until the age of 15 that he started to appreciate music on a higher level, and this interest intrigued him to start making his own. After much testing and experimentation with various hosts, he settled with FL Studio. It provided better solutions than the rest, and suited his style extremely well, having not regretted the decision since. Not having the proper knowledge on understanding digital audio and signal processing he decided to patiently read and learn to get a good overview of the basics. However, it takes more than reading to make good productions, so he started to learn synthesis and sound design in more depth, and after several successful attempts, started making soundsets under the alias: Adam Van Baker. He currently uses X- Plorations and his real name: Adam Szabo for other projects as well. Adam loves to share his knowledge with others and help those who require it, and he hopes that in return people will appreciate and support his work.

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